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Insights on Phones Calls, Text Messages, Emails, Web Forms, and More!

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Save time and money by tracking the data that matters most to your businsess.

Call Tracking

Create unlimited phone numbers, setup advanced call menu systems, add call forwarding, and gain insights on all inbound phone call (and text message) leads.

Email Tracking

Capture all inbound emails to an unlimited number of email addresss, setup email forwarding and auto responders, and gain insights on all inbound email leads.

Form Tracking

Use a simple drag and drop form builder to place web forms on any website or landing page, capture all inbound form submissions, and gain insights on inbound web leads.

And More!

Funnel leads from all contact methods into one place. Advanced API Integration systems allow you to capture leads regardless of communication method.

How does it work?


Launch Campaigns

Create a new campaign. Give it a name, an icon, and assign it to a group or client if you're an agency. Optionaly, attach it to your Google Analytics account.


Create Assets

Assets include Phone Numbers, Web Forms, API Handlers, and Email Addresses. Create as many as you need. Give each a unique name and workflow.


Analyze Data

Analyze lead data in real time to help make important business decisions. Tag leads, add notes, view charts. Campaign Returns will add additional data automatically.

Capture All Leads

Leads can come from any number of different channels, and they can contact a business using any number of different communication methods. Campaign Returns allows you to capture all inbound leads and funnel them into a single place.


Timeline Insights

A lead can contact a business multiple times, using multiple different methods of contact. Campaign Returns creates a profile and timeline for each lead and uses advanced algorithms and data sources to enhance your lead data.



Businesses use a variaty of third party tools. Campaign Returns allows you to setup third party integrations on an asset and campaign level. All inbound leads can be pushed to Google Analytics and other third party applications to continue the customer journey.


Start collecting valuable data today.