Powerful features that make a huge impact.


Create campaigns and organize them by groups, or by client if you're an agency. Campaigns are a convenient way to group assets and inbound lead data. Campaigns can be connected to your Google Anlaytics account, and you can assign a unique icon to each campaign to help keep things organized.



Create an unlimited number of Phone Numbers, Web Forms, Email Addresses, and API Handlers. Any contact method a lead could use to contact your business can be funneled into Campaign Returns and accurately tracked in real time.


Lead Profiles

Using an advanced algorithm, Campaign Returns can match back inbound lead actions to a single lead and create a timeline showing the history of each lead. Add notes, tags, and enhance lead data through various powerful data sources.


Spam Blocker

Spam makes data inacurate, and can be frustrating for business owners. Campaign Returns has advanced spam blocking technology that can filter inbound leads based on IP Address, Email, Phone Number, Keyword, and more - regardless of the contact method.



Push all inbound lead data to the tools you allready use. Campaign Returns integrates with various Anlaytics Platforms, CRMs, Marketing Suites, and more.

Call Recording

Record inbound phone calls regardless of the call handler, improve customer support, and get valueable insights into customer needs.

Call Forwarding

Forward phone calls to remote teams, or to your cell phone, from unlimited phone numbers.

Phone Features


Capture leads with a simple voicemail using Text-2-Speech or by recording a greeting. Capture the leads now, and get back to them later.

IVR Menus

Press 1 for support, or 2 for billing? Create advanced call menu systems and forward your callers to the relevent remote team member.

Text Messaging

Handle inbound text messages with automatic responses or forward the messages to anyone on your team.

Start collecting valuable data today.